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A brief history about our journey

Fixing Clothes and garments for over 7 years

The C.E.O of Style & Patterns was a staff at 3M Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services located at Agbado: precisely Agbado-Oja,Ifo Local Government in Ogun State, Nigeria. And was there for 8 months.

After some time, he moved to Ajah–within the Lekki axis in Eti-Osa Local Government area of Lagos State.

Through interaction and cordiality, I lent my laundry experience to a present acquaintance who wanted to venture a laundry business. A partnership ensued which made me work with him for 2 years and 3 months, before I branched off to go start mine.

If you have laundry issues, and you commit these to Style & Patterns, you have nothing to worry—because it’s a business whose engagement was ventured by an owner with about 2 years and 11 months cognate experience.

The business was officially registered in 2015, and has operated for 5 years now. All of these add up to 7 years.

So, if you commit your clothes to Style and Patterns, you surrender them to 7 years of cognate and expert experience.

Have peace of mind, settle down and relax with chicken barbeque, oven dried irish potato with ketch up and soft drinks. Have nothing to worry about. We will take care of your clothes!

Washed and folded clothes
smelling the Laundry

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If you do business with Style & Patterns, you enjoy 6(Six) Unique benefits:

Experience & Skills

We’ve done it for years to know precisely how to serve you

Expert Personnels

Every attention is given to detail from washing, drying, pressing to finishing

Low Cost

You don’t have to break the bank to afford us. We are as affordable and as good beyond what you expect

Guaranteed Service

You are sure of service from us anytime, anywhere

Trusted Work

Once we serve you, there wouldn’t be anything elsewhere better than what we’ve given you

High Quality

We do not compromise resources. We expend every resource necessary for you to get the laundry service you deserve

Our Team

We Have a Hard Working Team dedicated to Take Care Of Your Clothes

Ericsson Okokon Bassey the C.E.O is from Cross River State, Nigeria. He’s married–and this suggests that he takes life seriously.

While coming from a lowly background, He’s received development education and was trained by Pastors Bode Awesu & the young Pastor Segun Ayeni from Eagle Believers Church.

Whatever He was taught raised him to be a man who upholds virtue and sound morality from age 16 earlier on.

He is a painter, knows  Shoemaking, aspiring Singer, and Songwriter.

He has spent 23 years in the Entrepreneurship journey, and has spent 7+ years in the Laundry Business.

Eric posing in a picture at RCCG

Ericsson Bassey, C.E.O

Christianah Ericsson

Christianah Ericsson

Operations Manager

Christianah Ericsson handles all day to day operations of Style & Patterns.

She distributes duties, ensures the clothes are well received and registered.

Ensures that each customer’s clothe get the necessary  tag for reasons identification.

In a final lap, She serves as Watch Dog–to foresee the wellbeing of the quality of services being rendered, its efficiency as well as ensuring the detailed distribution of the clothes to their destination.

Charles uses the intangible resource of the mind to help with Business Development techniques, structure, projections and Road maps.

He’s not a staff per se of the business, but a freelance Consultant who carries this Business Interest strong at heart.

If you need freelance Business Consulting, Web Design, Ghostwriting, Autobiography, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Partnership in Business, Business synergy and Business growth, and other services, you can contact him on 08032884596, or visit his website @


Charles Pic

Charles Okorobo

Business Advisor

Get to know what we cost without seeing us Physically

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Are you affordable?

Yes. We target the Middle Class Market and do not set Premium Boundaries. This means that any average person can afford us.

Are clothes Safe?

In which case you are not mixing them up, they are not being stolen and not getting lost?

Clothes are safe with us. We achieve this by registering them, placing a Name Tag or numerical codes on them to identify and differentiate each from the other so they don’t get mixed up.

Then we ensure security of our environment so that nothing gets stolen.

Do you use clean fresh water or bad salty water?

We use Fresh water and not Salt water. It’s important to note here that while Salt water will destroy your clothes, it will be disadvantageous to us because it will make our life harder–it will break down the power of the soap to foam, reduce ability to produce lather, and deter washing of clothes clean.

How long is your delivery period or time ?

3days. However, this is for about 1 to 10 clothes. From 11 clothes up to 50, we do 6 days excluding Sundays.

Hope your iron doesn’t burn clothes ?

No….we use Steaming Pressing Iron.

Steaming Iron doesn’t burn clothes, and we only use such.

Should anyone be faulty, we replace it.

Will my clothes retain their colors

Yes. We use soaps and detergents that are mild on clothes.We use clean fresh water as well, and make Soap differentiations to separate soaps for White and Coloured clothes.

We don’t mix coloured clothes with white, and we do quality test to identify bleeding clothes.

Will you mend certain faulty clothes or garments ?

Yes.We mend buttons and stitch certain rips. The customer is however responsible for paying for these.


Hope you won’t spoil my suit ?

Dry ironing will spoil and add unpleasant lines, marks and unneeded glittering effects to your suit.

This is unpleasant to your feelings and we know that.

So we use Steam Iron which helps to preserve your suit and retain the texture and the original state of the suit.



To enhance a clean and hygienic society


To be a Top notch Laundry Services Company that offers affordable and memorable service


Feasibility studies of the Laundry and Hygiene industry helped us to discover a niche–the Middle Class.

With their busy and tightly scheduled lifestyle, we thought to be of Service, and this became both the Vision and birth of the Style & Patterns brand.

Style & Patterns aims to bring about a blend and harmony of Cost, Standard & Quality.

The underlying advantage to the Middle Class, customers and clients stand to no better reasoning except that Style & Patterns is here to bridge the Cost Gap for everyone, and make laundry services available to all.


Many times people may cheat you, castigate you or criticize you wrongly and you may think that the world has abandoned and despised you.

Truth is that you haven’t found yourself in the right circle.

But if you stay focused with contagious and beautiful smiles on your face,then press hard on your ambition, success will surely come.

Ericsson Bassey Picture
Clothes in cane basket