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Ericsson Bassey

C.E.O, Style & Patterns I’m Style & Patterns, a Top Notch, 4-Star Laundry Services Business,Registered in Nigeria. Fixing Clothes & garments for over 7+ Years. If you do business with Style & Patterns, you enjoy 6(Six) Unique benefits: Experience & Skills-based on the fact that we've done it for years to know precisely how to serve you. (2) Expert Personnels--in which Every attention is given to detail from washing, drying, pressing to finishing. (3)Guaranteed Service in which You are sure of service from us anytime, anywhere. (4) Trusted Work--of which Once we serve you, there wouldn't be anything elsewhere better than what we've given you. (5) Low Cost: You don't have to break the bank to afford us. We are as affordable and as good beyond what you expect (6) High Quality--We do not compromise resources. We expend every resource necessary for you to get the laundry service you deserve.

Cleaning Project

cleaning items with blue gloves
Cleaning is an essential part of your investment life. A reasonable investment in a Cleaning Service will be worthwhile in your overall ROI(Return On Investment) for the grand growth and profit scheme of your enterprise.