Category LifeStyle

A manner of living that reflects the person’s values and attitudes

The Surprise look

In the lifestyle of every man or woman would have loved his or her house or home to be perfectly clean.but sometimes or maybe there is no enoug time to carry out your duties or responsibility at home or office…

Style & Patterns watch dog

In Style and patterns this are the simple and simpler principle we considered as our watch dog when selecting our cleaning products and tools to be used.Our asurance and intentions are on this respect…Safety…. this is our first periority we…

Dressing impressively to live longer

African painted lady
Two things drive human actions: Necessities — food, sleep, avoidance of pain; and Rewards. There's a deep connection between your outward dressing and our inward wellbeing: because when you dress and feel confident in yourself, you excite your Dopamine levels

Looking Sweet

Looking sweet should be a culture in you to present yourself in a way that would be greatly appreciated by others without any reason for negligence in any one who might for the very first time you are means…