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Express Service

Express Service, as the name implies, suggests that we construe ourselves into a sensitive timing schedule– one that is determined by you, at your convenience.

The time range of this Express Service is maximum of 24 hours, from the point of your placing Order, to the point of delivery.

Quantities from One(1) to Ten(10) is our maximum threshold for Express Service.

The overall Total is calculated on an item by item basis. This means that each item has its cost price. Should you be giving out different item types, each will be calculated based on its initial and predefined cost price.

The Payment Condition for Express Service is 100% surcharge: this means and suggests that you add an additional 100% of the value of the service in its initial and default state.

If the client is not within our location (Ajah-Addo-Badore), a Pick up request requires an additional fee of ₦1,000.


This additional ₦1,000 is simply for transportation, logistics, communication costs, and other miscellaneous costs that may arise. It also covers within the service areas of Lekki Phase 1 to Abraham Adesanya of the Eti-Osa Local Government axis.

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