smelling the Laundry

Run your Laundry Business professionally

Running your business haphazardly is like running your life in disarray.

Your business is your life. Running your business haphazardly is like running your life in disarray.

Many small business owners see their business as a cash cow–which they only milk to get the money they want.

I can remember Solad: an acquaintance telling me that his small headed slicing machine is faulty for about 4 months long, and he’s not had money to fix it.

Alas! we need this machine now, and we are now stranded. Yet he makes money everyday but does not consider that he needs to keep some funds aside to fix this faulty tool.

I can remember how we took bike to visit three other welders who told us they’ve sent theirs to the field, and we had to suspend the work till the following day.

Shivers down my spine, I learnt an important lesson and made a valuable discovery–that of the many reasons that small businesses fail, recklessness is one of them.

In context, it’s vital to state that some laundry businesses operate on the small scale. But that you operation the small scale, does not mean that you should operate rookieshly.

C’mon, add some spice and sophistication to your business,which inadvertently shows the type of mind, lifestyle and person that you are.

Treat your laundry business with some dignity, and even if it’s operated from home,register it. Go ahead, have a website, make Business cards, register on Google MyBusiness, Add it on the Map and embed this map in your website.

Do Digital Marketing for it, engage it in Social Media, hustle majestically on it, keep its premises always neat, and In a matter of time, this home operated laundry business will be a household name competing with Global brands on customer perception and popularity.

So, if you had entered laundry business because you were hungry and starving and needed something to just get money to eat, such era has passed. You should have eaten the food you want to eat by now. It’s time to treat your laundry Business to some dignity and class, and start raking in, those huge profits.

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