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We wash and dry your clothes in the way you expect.

Using detergents and soaps that are mild and gentle on your clothes, we ensure that your clothes retain their colours, and their durability is retained in line with the manufacturer’s preset.

Your clothes don’t suffer because they came to us. They actually smile because we treat them gently.


Arrangement & Order

We use industrial pressing iron to press your clothes, carefully creasing every seam, streamimg through every line like a precise work of art.

You don’t want to be there when we are pressing your clothes because you are gonna tell us to stop–when you see the amount of time, attention and detail that we give to pressing your clothes.

In the end, your clothes come out fresh and smooth like over pampered children.



It is true that your clothes came to us stained, stuck with dirt and maybe some smell of sweat–signifying your hard work done in dignity, and they could also smell of moisture and dampness from being stored somewhere before you brought them to us.

We don’t give them back to you in the way they came. We hand them to you well prepared and packaged as precious gifts handed over to kings.



You can come to us whenever you like to pick up your clothes.

But if you are quite busy and may not find the convenience to do so, you don’t have to worry. We will bring them to you wherever you are, because we existed to serve you, and take the burden off your shoulders.

Our committment is to serve you. And we are willing to walk the extra mile to the ends of the earth, to see you satisfied


Specialized Cleaning Service

Whether it’s a stain from the mud, malt, cherry acid, pineapple acid, cashew slime or any other impossible stain.

We will battle this stain over a cliff till it surrenders to our brutal attack against it.

We quest for you to look good and look clean. Any stain that attempts to ruin any of your clothes and make them unusable, would have us to answer to.


Massive Volume

We are in the business of washing and caring for clothes. Bring in all the clothes to be washed and we will wash and care for them all.

Additionally, there’s no restriction with us. We wash anything that’s made of fabrics. Our only no-nos are female panties and bra (LOL)

We hold no taboo or some insane and cynical mysticism behind not touching female panties and bra.

We only set this bar as a sign of utmost respect for the last & intimate shred of privacy to our female folks.



You may be an outsourcer with contacts to assist people with caring for their laundry–but you may not have the time to be physically involved in getting the hands dirty.

We hold no grouse against you. Just bring them to us, and with the right motivation and friendly agreements, we will take care of these for you.

Whatever reach you’d like to attain with laundry, and whatever environments, domains and heights you’d like to attain with laundry, We are ready to climb such heights with you.


Corporate Sector

For organisations that would like to engage in the laundrying of certain work related clothes, we are available for such tasks.

You may be in manufacturing, construction and some hard hat sectors, and may have a good number of staff that you may want to be laundrying their clothes for, and avoid their slobbishness oozing offensive odours in the work environment.

We are here to take care of all that–so that you can concentrate and focus on your core business operations.



Situations may arise that require you to need a particular clothe on short notice.

You’ve got nothing to worry about.
Bring anything to us anytime, and we’d take care of it!

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Attention to detail is our Hallmark and Legacy.

This quality is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task.

Because we know that- “Excellence is never an accident”. But the result always of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution which represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

And agreeing that Choice, not Chance determines destiny, we strive hard with everything in us to ensure that we serve you in the best possible way: giving the needed attention to detail, with patient and careful labour on our part to see that we climb to higher heights–with you in mind every step of the way.

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