The Tools we Used

With this tools You would have the best from Us... Style & Patterns

This are simple basic tool….to enhanced our work Today we can boldly encourage you with to give us a chance to show Case our skills

A good Spong..we used some specialised Spong to do your job by Cleaning you home with it.

White towels.We used white towels specifically for a purpose to create an awesome awareness cos while while We Used that we are really sure that the dirt are being removed from the surfaces of that particular items to be Cleaned off the rubbish

Microfiber Clothes

The Bucket.we put some Clean water in the bucket for cleaning all surfaces of the entire House or home

A spray Bottles.The spray bottles are used for storage of water,or any kind of liquid content or liquor for spraying of inceptisie on ant or anything like cockroaches,etc

A scrup Brush:we also used a scrup to scrub the floor especially the bathrooms for proper cleaning.and the tooth brush are used for hidden parts like the slides and some hidden corners to remove dirt totally from such sock places

The protective gloves: are a must Used by Us to protect ourselves and also keeping a standard for efficacy with discipline and therefore we are style and patterns we wear our marks on a regular basis and Used

Toilet Brush.. this brush are used for washing and scrubing all the garms from the Bowls.we has well uses the bowls Cleaner to take water and mixing of chemical,soaps,etc.

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